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Everything I’ve tried as part of this mission, and a few from life so far. I’ve included links to reviews in case you missed them and links to where you can buy if you’d like to try for yourself. My rule of thumb is that if a tea scores a 7 or higher, it’s worth a spot in my cupboard!

Updated January 2018

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Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea

Full disclosure: I have tried this tea before (a long time ago) and quite liked it. However, given that I have now had far more experiences with green teas than I had when I first tried it, I thought now might be a good time to revisit Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea. It also helps that I was given a few bags by a friend so it seemed a shame to waste them!

So the question with this tea is – is it as nice as I remember or was it just the first passable green tea I had tried?

Answer: kind of a bit of both if that’s possible. It was nice, and spicy as you’d expect a ginger-heavy blend to be. But it is not the king of green teas. Not by a long way. Having now tried the likes of Cherry Bakewell and Chocolate Coconut, I now know that I had somewhat rose-tinted glasses on with the Gingerbread flavour.

Still, not disgusting, and I will drink the rest of the bags that I have been given. I just won’t be rushing to buy more.


Bluebird Tea Co Jack Frost

I seem to be on a bit of a coconut fix at the moment so it was timely when I opened my Bluebird advent calendar to discover this spearmint/coconut concoction.

The smell of the mint really hit me when I opened this sachet. Luckily for me, I love mint tea but I can tell you now – if you don’t like mint tea then this *definitely* isn’t the tea for you!

Now – this is going to be quite a brief review because there isn’t much noteworthy about this tea sadly. It was icily minty, hence the name (I’m guessing), but the coconut didn’t really come through. At least, not in the way I was hoping.

In short, this is a reeeeally minty mint tea but it’s not going to keep me away from my bog standard peppermint for the time being.


Bluebird Tea Co Snowball

One of the early teas from my Bluebird Tea Co advent calendar and, I have to say, one of the nicest of those I’ve tried so far.

I think it helped that I opened this door on a day that we had quite heavy snowfall so it suited my mood perfectly! I was intrigued by the flavour description – chocolate, coconut AND marshmallow?! It certainly piqued my interest to say the least.

After more thought than I would care to admit (hey, when you only have one teabag it’s important to get it right), I decided to try this tea without milk. Overall I think this was the right choice. Whilst the chocolate and marshmallow-ness probably would have benefited from a splash of milk, I thought the addition of the coconut in the blend + milk might just be a little much.

I kept sipping this tea trying to decide whether or not I liked it and, before I knew it, it was gone! Probably a good sign but I’m still unsure if I liked it enough to buy a fresh box of it or if it was just a nice one-time experiment. The jury is still out on that one but I promise to update the score if I change my mind!


Teapigs Up Beet

I am slowly making my way through the Teapigs pick ‘n’ mix box I bought a while back which, coincidentally, is an excellent idea that I wish more tea sellers would do! So far, I haven’t particular enjoyed any of them and I’m finding it hard to keep trying them because I really hate the disappointment of a bad cup of tea.

That said – the law of averages would suggest that I *have* to find at least one or two that I like eventually, maybe they’re just hiding. Continue reading “Teapigs Up Beet”

Bluebird Tea Co Mojitea


I was a bit late to the party with mojitos but I certainly made up for lost time with two weeks in Cuba last year! The perfect mojito is sweet, crisp and refreshing. Can this really be replicated in a tea? Bluebird Tea Co seem to think it can, so here goes!

I have to admit that, being a green tea, this tea probably started off on the back foot. I wasn’t expecting it to be particularly *delicious* but carried on undeterred (#doitfortheblog).

I was actually really pleasantly surprised!! Sure, when you think of a mojito you don’t exactly think of a hot cup of tea but, despite the temperature, it was a really nice, refreshing cup of tea. It would lend itself particularly well to an ice tea in the Summer I think (maybe with a splash of rum!).


Twinings Jasmine Petals and Pearls

So, even though *newsflash* I generally don’t care for green tea, I actually love jasmine tea! I think it’s because it reminds me of family gatherings when I was younger where we would drink Chinese tea which, very often, was jasmine.

This tea certainly smelled very floral and you can see a reassuring amount of jasmine in the blend. Flavourwise it was, well, a jasmine tea! Floral, and very light. Quite hard to describe unless you’ve tried it before and I’m fully aware it isn’t everyone’s taste but I certainly enjoyed it and wouldn’t turn down another one 🙂